The worlds first decentralized solution to generate passive income with PoS 2.0

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StakeX is PoS 2.0

We created StakeX to bring the Proof of Stake concept known from DASH, NEO and other coins to a new level.

High returns for everyone

StakeX is based on the ethereum network, thus there are no expensive masternodes.

Stress-Free Staking

By using the Ethereum blockchain to stake your tokens, it's possible to stake even when you're offline.

100% Transparent

Anyone can check the open source STKX smart contract and app. We're never in control of your funds and there is no lock-in time.

Year 1 — 300% interest

Year 2 — 150% interest

Year 3-10 — 50% interest

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Why StakeX

With StakeX, you are not bound to any sort of banks or wealth management firms to gain secure interest on your investment. You are not only able to fully control your stake yourself, but you also can generate a passive income by selling the STKX tokens you generated by interest.

STKX is a ERC20 Token

STKX is compatible to any ethereum wallet which is capable of holding ERC20 tokens. To start staking, you have to use a wallet which has the ability to interact with smart contracts. We recommend MEW.